Stem Cells

Stem Cell Banking

A healthy tooth can be sent to a laboratory and the stem cell can be harvested from the pulp (interior) of the tooth. Stem cell-based therapies are being investigated for the treatment of a variety of health problems, and several have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Tooth Bank is a cryogenics laboratory that specializes in this process. They offer a service to remove the stem cells from up to four teeth and store those cells for future use by the individual. Details on dental pulp stem cells, enrollment, and costs are at

If you wish to bank the stem cells from your extracted wisdom teeth or primary (“baby”) teeth, then go to Tooth Bank to enroll and a Tooth Bank Kit will be shipped to you. (This must be completed prior to your appointment; we do not provide these in office). Please contact IOMSA and let us know you are planning to save your teeth. Bring your kit with you on the day of the procedure, and your oral surgeon will place the teeth in the special shipping container. The kit includes a paid shipping label and you will need to take it to a FedEx location.