Kathy Ireland’s Supermodel Smile Restored With Dental Implant

kathy-irelandNot too long ago, the former supermodel and present-day business executive Kathy Ireland took a bad fall on her driveway. How bad was it? Bad enough that her husband — a seasoned emergency-room physician — was alarmed. The accident left her with some serious injuries, including wounds to her face and several broken teeth. Fortunately, the damage was almost completely repairable.

“I needed numerous veneers and a dental implant to replace a lost tooth,” she recently told an interviewer from Dear Doctor magazine. But now, “other than the little scar on my nose that I can usually cover with makeup, nothing reminds me of the accident.”

The technology of dental restoration has come a long way recently — as demonstrated, for example, in the area of dental implants. But implants aren’t exactly new: In fact, they first became available for clinical use in the 1970s. Today, they’re the premier option for replacement of missing teeth. Why? Because they’re the most reliably successful tooth replacement method; because they look, feel and function just like your natural teeth; and because, with proper care, they can last a lifetime.